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Creative Step:

My first collage was conceived as I was creating an invitation card for a special event from cutouts of fashion magazines. A sense of passion and joy took over me and I have been creating it ever since. I delve into all sorts of themes including travel, fashion and the sheer sublime – all that fascinates me and keeps me animated.

My inspired and gluttonous spirit gave birth to a collection I exhibited in Paris in 2015 – one of the colourful silhouettes parading on the catwalk of fashion’s most fabulous designers.

Couture still prevails thanks to the mixture of textures and colours that inspired me! I dabbled with the eccentricities of hair and the destructuring of faces - my interests lying in diverting the primary function of items and exploring the multiple facets of human behaviour.

Technical Part:

Each collage creation is reproduced only 12 times, no matter the format. It’s numbered, signed, and printed on a brushed aluminium plate and includes a sash in the back to hang on a wall as the perfect finish.

In parallel, I write short stories, novels, plays, poems... I invent stories with my memories.

All the technical part

is carried out by:

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